Remaining Committed

Somewhat of a lose term isn’t it. Because we are all too often ready to give ourselves excuses for giving up.

Maybe my posts are few and far between but I remain committed. It’s definitely part of my character I’m proud of though. These days we have too many people giving up way to easily. And so instead of beating myself up for not posting often enough I’m choosing to give myself a pat on the back for not giving up. Do you often wonder why you have a hundred hobbies? or plenty of ideas that don’t make you a millionaire? what about the rate of relationships that separate? or even jobs you go through?
Maybe it’s the councelling degree I’ve got going on the side making me question these things but to be honest I think its purely maturity. Looking at the world in a different light. Learning acceptance of self identity and individualism but not accepting conformity. I know you hear it often but ‘What you put in is what you get out’. I’m not giving up are you?


Work Life Balance

I’m on the hunt! A lady once told me a woman can have everything….just not all at once 🙂 Well I’m not sure but I thought I was superwoman – so keeping that in mind I still continued to try and prove this wrong. Of course having a creative mind probably meant I was already doing too much, so freelancing with a new baby whilst keeping up with everything else can’t be pushing it too far right?? I mean the common mis-conception is that by staying home you have all the time in the world. Oh how I was wrong. Look, I didn’t ever think a ‘stay at home mum’ was an easy job. I just know myself and knew I had to keep busy. Nothing more satisfying then a full plate with limited time! My anal management skills were tested, my juggling and organisation skills were tested and my communication skills were hacked at. The lessons you learn going from talking to a marketing consultant in Melb one minute and negotiating with a 4 year old the next. The last 18 months I have grown but I’ve also learnt where my limitations are. Nothing like a few curve balls to keep you on your toes. I’m now afraid to say that the lady was right. I can give 110% effort but there is only 100% time. So it’s all about prioritising. Well bub is now 4 months old and I’m looking to get back to work. I’m on the hunt to find that job that has the lifestyle factor. Prioritising a good job and great family time. So leave superwoman behind I’m going for a place in the League of Extraordinary. Nobody can crush this one!

Promo Products

Wow, so I’ve started Uni and feeling ok I can see it through. Easily becoming a side thing to the rest of the craziness. I’ve been living and breathing promotional products at the moment which is pretty fun. It’s amazing how quickly you retain information when your work relies on it. Retractable banners, hang up banners, mousepads, calendars, pens, magnets, stickers – all for my clients, what sizes, what turn arounds, how much for print and design. It just goes to show that even though I’ve been in my industry for over 10 years I can still find the enjoyment out of it. I just recently made some artwork for some bus shelters for a client and it really is satisfying hearing there reactions when they see the artwork in true form. Thanks Andrew for your work – !! Well back to all the novelties that is promo!

Getting my design pages up to Stratch

I started this site in the aims of giving myself that extra push. Although I’m not expecting as much in the lines of followers to my blog I think this is an awesome way to self motivate. So enrolled in Uni – check. Started my freelance business – check. Reinvented myself with my new married name – check. I’m practically a new woman and wow it feels great. But now I need to focus, I love design, I love the arts and I love anything made from recycled products. I never really seem to find the time just to appreciate these things, I’m a graphic designer by trade and although I do love it I felt for a long time that it is a very underappreciated role. Since commencing my freelance work in January I feel like it has been a little of a rollacoaster ride but am feeling as though my passion has been sporatically coming back. I love colour and shapes and fonts and most of all I love when somebody gets excited over a piece of art – that is what’s driving me, the feeling of achieving something wonderful! I’m going to start posting more and more artwork on here so I can fill all of my walls, I hope you also enjoy!

I’m so excited and I just can’t Fight it!!!

Ok, I’m feeling a little on the positive side. I’ve just enrolled in my Bachelor of Science degree and start my first class next Monday! Can’t wait but I’m feeling pretty scared at the same time. A time to lean on my friends for support that are also doing external studies. I feel like I’m going to fumble through it for a little while, better get out those rose coloured glasses – so cheers the drinks are on me!

Suck it up Princess!

Such an awesome statement that I hear often but nothing compares to telling it to yourself. I’ve been part of a Facebook page for motivational help in fitness for women and although I feel a little slack not contributing as much as the other ladies I feel that often I’m trying to be realistic. So where is it, the line I draw? I read on one of our motivational quotes someone posted was ‘the only thing that comes between the person you are now and the person you want to be is the bullshit story you tell yourself’. Ok so this is brilliant and I know I’m full of stories but where is the line. I’m a mother of 2 with a 3 being talked about. I’m starting out on my own as a freelance designer. Hopefully commencing study and trying to fit in the fitness. Not to mention the day to day gripe of house cleaning, taking care of animals and trying to be an environmental advocate in ‘doing your bit’ to help the earth. Ok look some of these things don’t take too much time but I’m sure for some people just thinking about them makes you tired. My question is where is the point when that ‘story’ is just that your too busy, or that you just can’t fit more in? You know what… either way I’m still telling myself to suck it up princess, the only one that can achieve it all is you!

Still moving forward

My last post was a while back now but of course if they are few and far between I better make them worthwhile. The last few months have been testing to say the least but chin up and all that I say to myself. My business page on Facebook is now up and running and I’ve help start a Women’s support group for fitness. I love design and art but I’ve realised over the last few months that I’ve got passion for so many other things too. Sustainable living, environmental health and earth sciences. So in response to my first blog I have made the step toward another degree, basically extending my knowledge outside of design. I’ve met a few inspiring people that have made me believe that if you just make that first step you ARE capable. Brief encounters with new people really can make a difference. Great lesson to be learnt!

So where to begin…

Number 1 – Reinvent myself.
There is nothing like the feeling after getting married (changing your name), turning thirty and resigning your job all with in 3 months. What are you left with?? Your left with that question thats been wriggling away in there for a while ‘Is this the time?’ The time to reinvent myself? get some new skills, update some old ones and step outside feeling pretty awesome that you can change the world!! – ok maybe just change your life but hey – World here I come…..