I am just a girl in the world
Of course I stole that line, but if it works, take it and make it great! Don’t reinvent, build on the foundations and dominate in style.
As Gwen Stefani’s words rang true to my ears as a teenager, I realised that being a girl in this world with a tomboy vibe was going take some effort. Can I ride a motorbike and rock red lips? Well I did try. Now I’m married with 3 children, I have found myself in that place where I don’t quite fit the standard mother role either. Can I work to the max, create to the max and be an OTT mum? Well I say yes! I’m passionate about what I do and I love exploring possibilities – I am OTT, I am crazy creative, I do like jumping in the deep end and most of all I love to share my findings!

I now embrace being that person that is same-same but different; The working mum that brings face paints to an office party, that takes the first step and serves sweet treats. I try to be active in experiencing different cultures, new foods and filling my brain with useful unrelated information.

I look forward positively and share the love.

My life objectives
To be active, happy and positively effect others.
To stay passionate about current projects – to eat and sleep colour, shapes and textures.
To constantly learn and challenge myself in all fields and to share my experiences.
To contribute to the bigger picture and keep sight of goals.
To laugh whenever I can – to live & breath fun!


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