Getting my design pages up to Stratch

I started this site in the aims of giving myself that extra push. Although I’m not expecting as much in the lines of followers to my blog I think this is an awesome way to self motivate. So enrolled in Uni – check. Started my freelance business – check. Reinvented myself with my new married name – check. I’m practically a new woman and wow it feels great. But now I need to focus, I love design, I love the arts and I love anything made from recycled products. I never really seem to find the time just to appreciate these things, I’m a graphic designer by trade and although I do love it I felt for a long time that it is a very underappreciated role. Since commencing my freelance work in January I feel like it has been a little of a rollacoaster ride but am feeling as though my passion has been sporatically coming back. I love colour and shapes and fonts and most of all I love when somebody gets excited over a piece of art – that is what’s driving me, the feeling of achieving something wonderful! I’m going to start posting more and more artwork on here so I can fill all of my walls, I hope you also enjoy!


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