Work Life Balance

I’m on the hunt! A lady once told me a woman can have everything….just not all at once 🙂 Well I’m not sure but I thought I was superwoman – so keeping that in mind I still continued to try and prove this wrong. Of course having a creative mind probably meant I was already doing too much, so freelancing with a new baby whilst keeping up with everything else can’t be pushing it too far right?? I mean the common mis-conception is that by staying home you have all the time in the world. Oh how I was wrong. Look, I didn’t ever think a ‘stay at home mum’ was an easy job. I just know myself and knew I had to keep busy. Nothing more satisfying then a full plate with limited time! My anal management skills were tested, my juggling and organisation skills were tested and my communication skills were hacked at. The lessons you learn going from talking to a marketing consultant in Melb one minute and negotiating with a 4 year old the next. The last 18 months I have grown but I’ve also learnt where my limitations are. Nothing like a few curve balls to keep you on your toes. I’m now afraid to say that the lady was right. I can give 110% effort but there is only 100% time. So it’s all about prioritising. Well bub is now 4 months old and I’m looking to get back to work. I’m on the hunt to find that job that has the lifestyle factor. Prioritising a good job and great family time. So leave superwoman behind I’m going for a place in the League of Extraordinary. Nobody can crush this one!


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